- In Addition to Easy Control and Monitoring of LG’s Connected Smart Home Appliances, Enhanced Mobile App Saves Time and Effort

By Yun Sang-ho


[Digital Daily]

Seoul, Korea, November 13, 2019- LG Electronics (LG) is introducing an enhanced ThinQ app to present consumers with a more enriching smart home experience. Embodying the company’s “evolve, connect and open” AI strategy, the LG ThinQ now provides more seamless management of LG smart home appliances and expanded services to customers in more than 150 countries.

LG ThinQ leverages Google Assistant voice recognition technology to deliver the most convenient way to connect users to their ThinQ appliances. Originally introduced as SmartThinQ™, the LG ThinQ app is the first mobile app for smart home appliances to offer voice recognition, allowing users the freedom to control and monitor their appliances via conversational voice commands.

What’s more, this advanced AI-based app provides personalized support in the form of Proactive Customer Care to inform users of potential problems before they even occur, facilitating faster technician visits if necessary. Proactive Customer Care helps maximize product performance and operational lifespan with detailed guidance and advice for keeping one’s appliances functioning optimally.

Via the app, customers can connect their LG smart appliances to their Amazon accounts for automatic reordering and delivery with Amazon Dash Replenishment. Frequently used supplies such as dishwasher soap, laundry detergent or fabric softener can be pre-selected to be delivered automatically to one’s door when more are needed.

LG ThinQ enables customized operation through features such as Smart Care+ and Smart Pairing. A refrigerator with Smart Care+ powered by LG ThinQ analyzes usage patterns to deliver more personalized service, lowering energy costs and keeping food fresh longer by automatically setting the ideal temperature and entering power-saving mode. With Smart Pairing, LG’s newest dryers can connect wirelessly to LG washing machines to offer optimal drying cycle based on the wash cycle. Thanks to such innovations from LG, customers never need to worry about ruining clothes ever again.

“LG ThinQ is a perfect example of our vision to deliver a more convenient smart home experience without the steep learning curve that advanced products often demands,” said Ryu Hye-jung, executive director of LG’s Smart Home Business. “LG has always been about putting the user first, not the technology, and the evolution of our smart home ecosystem clearly demonstrates this commitment.”

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